A Declaration of Conformity is a requirement for CE marking because it acts as signed proof that a product is safe to use. When a manufacturer signs a Declaration of Conformity, they declare that the product has been designed and constructed with the appropriate conformity assessment requirements and take full responsibility for its compliance with EU health and safety standards. 

A Declaration of Conformity must accompany all CE marked products sold or traded in the European Union. This includes (but is not limited to) the following product groups:

– Machines and installations
– Electrical equipment and components
– Construction products
– Medical Devices
– Personal Protective Equipment
– Pressure Equipment
– Radio Equipment

It is an official declaration by the manufacturer or their representative that the product concerned is in compliance with all relevant requirements of the European product safety directives. The Declaration of Conformity must contain all relevant product information, such as:

– Name/address of manufacturer or responsible authorized representative
– Description of product and model number
– Directives used for the CE marking certification
– List of standards used
– Name and position of authorized person
– Signature and date