Why is a EU/EC Declaration of Conformity required?

Why is a EU/EC Declaration of Conformity required?

A EU declaration of conformity indicates that a product complies to all the requirements of European product legislation. This is a legal document which must accompany all CE marked products sold or traded in the European Union.

What is a Declaration of Conformity?

The Declaration of Conformity is an official declaration by the manufacturer or their authorised representative that the product concerned is in compliance with all relevant requirements of the European product safety directives. It is proof that a product is designed and constructed in compliance with the appropriate conformity assessment requirements. CE marked products must be supplied with a Declaration of Conformity. The EU Declaration must contain relevant information such as:

  • Name/address of manufacturer or responsible authorised representative
  • Description of product and model number
  • Directives used for the CE marking certification
  • List of standards used
  • Name and position of authorised person
  • Signature and date

 Example of Product groups requiring Declaration of Conformity

Certification Experts can help you to prepare your own Declaration of Conformity using the template method. Find out more in our blog post.

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