The customs ask for an EC Declaration of Conformity. How do I get it?

The New Approach Directives oblige the manufacturer, or his authorised representative located within the Community, to draft an EC/EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) when the Product is put on the market. The specific responsibilities and actions getting the DoC and CE marking can vary based on your role as an economic operator within the supply chain.

  • Manufacturers typically take charge of issuing the Declaration of Conformity (DoC), conducting product testing, and maintaining technical documentation. As a manufacturer, obtaining the DoC entails applying the CE mark to your product.
  • Authorised Representatives (AR) also have the authority to issue the DoC on behalf of non-EU manufacturers and assist in communication with EU authorities. Therefore, the AR should ensure the DoC is available for customs.
  • Importers bear the responsibility of ensuring that the products they import and distribute adhere to CE marking requirements, and they must have access to the Declaration of Conformity. Therefore, importers should request the official DoC from the manufacturer or their AR based in the EU.
  • Distributors and resellers must guarantee that the products they distribute or resell display the CE mark correctly, and they must have access to the DoC. Therefore, distributors and resellers should request the official DoC from their suppliers.
  • Suppliers of components or subassemblies may, in some cases, need to furnish documentation to demonstrate compliance with relevant standards. Hence, these suppliers should ensure they have affixed the CE mark themselves if the DoC is required.

Understanding your specific role and responsibilities within the supply chain is crucial for knowing how to get the DoC. Therefore, please contact us if you want to ensure proper adherence to your role’s requirements.


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